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Consumer bankruptcy is a legal process to get rid of your debt.

The basic concept is that you give up all of your assets and property to eliminate your debts.

There are, of course, many exceptions.

All provinces, have bankruptcy personal property exemptions and

NOT ALL debts are eliminated.  [
There are consequences of going bankrupt.

You lose your credit rating.

You lose or must buy back your non-exempt assets.

You must pay the Trustee based on your income,  so the more you make, the more you pay!

Learn about bankruptcy surplus income payments and other bankruptcy costs.

There are other options.

We can help you explore and  research all of your alternatives to bankruptcy before you decide on the solution that works best for you.

We are available 24/7, pick up the phone and talk to an insolvency professional now!

Consumer Proposals offer the legal protection of a bankruptcy but can easily be made to fit your unique financial circumstances.

You do not claim bankruptcy, you just use the law and the services of an Insolvency Trustee to make a new deal with your creditors.

Depending on your situation your debt can often be settled for only a portion of what you owe. [ Read more? ]